• Mole Control

    We have many types of moles here in Asheville and no shortage of them. Besides leaving unsightly mounds and tunnels in your lawn, they eventually end up damaging the turf. When a lawn mower is operated over a section of lawn where moles have been tunneling, the grass on top of the tunnel is scalped. Our tall fescue type grass does not like to be cut short. Also the space inside the tunnel exposes the roots to air which further stresses the turf and makes tunnel shaped dead areas all over the lawn. Since re-seeding is most successful in the Fall, this can leave us a long time with a less than desirable looking front yard.

    Generally, not a week goes by when someone doesn’t ask me how to get rid of moles. While there are a few ways that we know work, there are many ways in which we know DO NOT work. Putting juicy fruit bubble gum, coffee grounds, moth balls, grits, sonic devices, and piping car exhaust smoke (yes, really) into their tunnels are great time wasters that aren’t good for getting rid of moles. The most common solution you might hear about is to put down grub control to remove the mole’s food source. Unfortunately, the mole’s diet is primarily the earthworm. Killing grubs MIGHT leave the mole with less food but we have not found it to be an effective method of mole control. 


  • There are three methods to getting rid of moles that we use and stand by: repellent, trapping and poison.

    Repellent: This is an all-natural product consisting mainly of castor bean oil, garlic, and other natural additives. It comes in granular or liquid form. Mole repellent works by coating a mole’s food in a distasteful substance. The down side to the repellent is that it only keeps them away for 4-8 weeks depending on rain, so here in Western North Carolina, it is more like 4-5 weeks. This is usually the higher priced option. It depends on lawn size and amount of mole activity present. But if the thought of trapping moles is too much to bear, this might be your best option.

    Trapping: This option produce the most visual results. The traps we use are completely underground. They can’t be seen from the surface, they kill instantly, and are re-usable. We set the traps, check them, and remove the moles as needed. This can be more effective at getting rid of moles more permanently than the repellent.

    Poison Bait: The most economical method, poison can also be the most effective. It is by far the most popular option. We do not recommend this mole removal strategy for home with dogs that like to dig up mole tunnels however.

    We are happy to provide you with either option or help you decide which one is best for you. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will provide you with an estimate!