• Seasonal Cleanups


    Spring and Fall often call for extra chores around the yard. Spring is the time to clean-up from the Winter and prepare for the Summer. Fallen branches and debris are picked up, shrubs, trees, and lawns are fertilized, mulch is touched up or replaced, ornamental grasses are cut back, perennials are divided and/or fertilized, and water features are cleaned among other things.

  • Fall is the time to put the landscape to rest for the season. Leaves and pine needles are cleaned up, perennial are cut back, shrubs get a final light pruning if necessary, bulbs are planted for next year, and lawns are fertilized and seeded. And as for planting trees and bushes, Fall is the best time of year. Depending on your landscape there may be other times of the year that require more work than others. Whatever it takes to get your home or business's landscape in proper order, we can do it!