• Seeding and Sodding

    When it comes to repairing an existing lawn or establishing a new one, the two main choices in our region is to seed or sod. Seeding is more economical yet takes longer to establish. Sod has a higher initial cost but the effect is instant. Seed is more successful in the early fall while sod is an acceptable choice most times of the year. Both methods require careful attention to watering during the establishment period, especially with seed. Many times both options are available. Examples of when one method is far superior to another. A slope has much greater success with sod, as seed could easily wash away. In a shady backyard, seed would be preferable as sodded grass prefers full sun. A cost free site assessment will determine what options are available and the help you decide which option is best for you.

  • Seed or sod installation.

    If the area is bare earth, preparation for both methods is similar. The site will be first graded and rototilled. This helps eliminate unevenness, remove rocks and sticks, loosen the soil, and facilitate the incorporation of any soil amendments.  Soil amendments would be lime (according to soil test), fertilizer, and organic matter. Starting a new lawn is the perfect time to make the soil a happy environment for the grass to live. This reduces future maintenance in terms of fertilizer, lime, watering, and disease control. Once the area is raked smooth and the soil is just right we can plant our new lawn. If seeding, the seed is carefully spread at the recommended rate and covered with straw. The straw prevents erosion and holds in heat and moisture, aiding the germination process. If sodding, the sod is deliberately laid out to keep seems tight. The sod is then rolled with a weighted roller to ensure good contact between the roots and the earth. Watering instructions are given and we are always available for follow up questions and advice to get your new lawn off to a perfect start.

  • Renovation of existing lawns

    Sometimes small spots or areas of the yards are damaged from car or truck tires, a fungus, etc.. In these cases, sod or seed is acceptable. However, often times a lawn needs rejuvenation. There may be grass there already but it is not very full, or maybe it is sparse and full of weeds. Here we would typically renovate the lawn with core-aeration, over-seed, fertilizer, and possibly lime depending on a soil test. This is a very popular service that we offer and has very high success rates as long as the follow up watering is performed. While this won’t turn a sparse, weedy lawn into a golf course overnight, it is a cost effective way to get the lawn you desire. Lawn renovation has always been one of our core services and specialties. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or set up a free estimate.